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Aura Bass Shaker Pros Aura bass shakers are a fun addition to any home theater. The purpose of bass shakers, also called tactile transducers, is to augment the bass in music or movies by shaking the floor or the furniture that you attach them to. So when you are watching Jurassic Park and the T-rex stomps on the ground you not only hear it but you feel it too. They are a lot of fun, and the look on your guests faces when they experience them for the first time is priceless, especially if they have no idea that they are installed. I will admit that when I first heard about tactile transducers I thought they sounded pretty silly. But I kept reading all these really great things about them and then one day I came across some really cheap generic tactile transducers so I figured it was worth trying them out so I ordered a pair. When they first arrived my first reaction was disappointment.

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Laserdisc Guide This guide was written by Rachael Bellomy who was nice enough to allow me to post it here on my site. She has a pretty wacky web site check it out here. The discs were marketed under the name DiscoVision. The early Magnavox players were called MagnaVision. The players were all single-side, top-loaders.

Oct 19,  · Int his video we discuss a few possible ways to hook up a bass shaker to an amplifier and how to power the amplifier. How to hookup a Bass Shaker Toid.

Definitely consider decoupling your couch or chair from the floor using rubber feet or another type of isolation product. Proper isolation will help to keep the shake in your seat as opposed to dispersing it into the floor. Modern technologies allow for exacting room optimization, a dynamic large screen video system, dazzling immersive sound, and bass that can pop nails in drywall — all of which are essential pieces to the puzzle. But a fun side to the hobby is finding a unique add-on that heightens a particular dimension of the overall home theater experience, especially if it can be done on the cheap.

For my money, going the do-it-yourself route and installing a bass shaker system more than fits the bill. Nine times out of ten, a properly sized and equalized subwoofer system will get you where you need to go. Bass shakers simply enhance the tactile attributes of the lower-end while adding quite a bit of punch that can be felt right in the seat of your pants — literally.

Believe it or not, that kind of direct placement of deep bass power can bring you that much closer to realism. Alternatively, shakers can be used to inject the feel of bass in situations where a subwoofer system lacks proper power or is being played at lower volume levels. Who Makes Bass Shakers? Here in the United States, Clark Synthesis, Buttkicker, and AuraSound are the most prevalent brands on the market, while our European friends have better access to the likes of Earthquake and Reckhorn.

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You can experiment with a larger screen, that might even be cool, but if you really want to improve your overall flight sim experience, ditch that x52 and get one of higher quality with better precision and better program-ability. Probably the next step up from the X52 would be the Logitech G After that comes the CH hardware my personal choice.

Some will argue that ranking order due to the absence of force feedback in the CH stuff, but no matter how badly they may want the G to be better, it’s not. After that, I’d suggest a flight-sim desk of some sort.

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Posted 05 May – I’ve posted the rest of this elsewhere in other threads, but I’ll add it here for those looking for another way to add immersion to ROF. I have been using the Buttkicker Gamer 2 , which I first read about in Bass Noises , and find to be very immersive. I know, “Buttkicker” is a rather stupid name, but it’s a better name than actually describing what this thing does – translate bass tones into vibrations sent into your chair so that you feel the noise as much as hear it.

I only used headphones because my wife didn’t want to hear what sounded to her like constant static the rushing wind noise in ROF does sound like static if you are watching tv or reading in another room. With the Buttkicker I am able to keep the game noise low enough that she doesn’t hear it, but it sure seems plenty loud to me as I sit in my chair. I have rather poor hearing anyway, so was concerned wearing headphones was further damaging it.

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Although it looked really good, when I came upon the Fanatec wheel www. It’s about 1″ bigger in radius than the G27 and a thicker wheel. The leather is nice and soft, well stitched and gives really good grip. The amount of buttons that are “hidden” on the wheel is amazing.

Nov 29,  · If you’re a PC gamer, and your MB or sound card has analog out, you can use the LFE/Center channel out to the Buttkicker amp. You just have to use a mini stereo RCA adapter and determine which channel is the LFE (subwoofer).

These games had a gear shift, pedals and a steering wheel. But the best thing about those games was always the feedback provided by shaking the seat. This is something that has long been missing from the home gaming market, thankfully a company called Guitammer has brought us a solution with the Buttkicker LFE Kit. With HDTV gaming coming into the light, the era of big screens and big sounds has begun. To take this experience further, the Buttkicker LFE kit will shake your couch or the entire floor with every in game effect.

What makes the Buttkicker different from a subwoofer or a shaker is its ability to accurately reproduce these effects without making any noise. The Buttkicker is able to reproduce a large frequency range of effects. The box states a resonant frequency of 9 Hz and range of 5 – Hz. The Buttkicker LFE Kit comes with everything you need to get up and running and get your butt kicked.

Also included in the box is the Buttkicker LFE itself, the chair mounting kit, speaker cable, various cables for different hookup options, chair isolators and plenty of instructions.

ROF on 42″ HDTV 😈

Unlike a subwoofer that moves air and loses accuracy and force ButtKicker products move actual mass producing a haptic immersion that’s powerful and accurate. Feel the low end without making the room loud. Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and still feel all the bass you want.

Sep 28,  · The best way to set up the individual AVR Zone 2 and Buttkicker amp volume levels is to start with Zone 2 in the middle setting and then adjust the Buttkicker volume to .

That’ll never fly in home theater and probably not even movie theaters. People aren’t going to buy that many speakers. I’m a fanatic and I wouldn’t buy that many speakers even if every DVD came out with it. What next, 30 speakers? There is ample evidence however, that additional speakers over 5. I seriously think that commercial theaters should employ a new format such as created by Holman. For a home format, we’ve seen support for more than 5.

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Found records in Search of Speaker Asylum. Velodyne MiniVee for music? Sub for MMG’s 9.

The latest ButtKicker® Advance is a powerful and accurate low frequency audio transducer that is built with patented technology and is powerful enough to shake an entire couch.

Paradigm X Larry, Thank you for jumping in and trying to help a fellow HT enthusiast save a few bucks I’m afraid the thread I pointed you all to did not very well mention the features that people like. This one does a better job. I have seen it mentioned very positively in a few threads by a few different people. I’m not a sheep but there is something to be said when several enthusiast like something. I decided if it did not work well enough then I would use it to help balance multiple subs in my room and avoid ‘nulls’ in my listening area.

It has other features mentioned in the above thread. I enjoyed viewing your website last night and seeing your setup.

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Windows Vista and Windows 7 can only output audio to one device at a time unless you have special drivers for your hardware!! I have both the xbox and PS3 set to multi audio out, they will send audio out via both the Analogue outputs and the Digital connectors. I use the analogue connectors to drive the buttkicker via a switch, and the digital optical output to drive the speakers and headset via a splitter VIDEO: From the splitter sound is fed to the Logitech speakers and my headset.

The exception here is my PC! Remember the note above!

The ButtKicker Gamer allows you to feel the big bass of your favorite video games without disturbing the neighbors. Attaching the Gamer is a breeze with the included Easy Clamp. View s:

While holding, turn dock ON d. Front LED will blink 2-digit software version number e. What type of USB charging does Kicker products support? What battery to I need for my IR remote? How do I get support if I have a problem? If you are having a problem with any of your Kicker products you can contact us at either and ask for Technical Support or email us at support kicker. Our business hours are Monday — Friday, 8: How can I tell what model I have?

On the underneath side of the dock is a label that will have the model name of your dock.

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Using low-frequency transducers to emphasize the rumble instead of the racket of the traditional subwoofer, they offer powerful chair-rattling impact at a small size and reasonable price. Available by the piece or by the kit, ButtKicker products can be mixed to match any consumer. These transducers are made from quality material and are designed to last.

Jun 21,  · This is a video blog unboxing and install of “the ButtKicker” wireless home theater kit. This ‘silent subwoofer’ device is pretty cool. Watch to see how to set it up and my thoughts on the kit.

Why do closed back phones have better positioning of audio? What is it about DH that makes closed phones work better? To my ears and this is from using several head phones with the JVC DH1 , the airiness of the phones reduces if not practically cancels out, the surround emulation. What the Dolby Headphones 5. Using the DH 5. Basically, when toggling the DH emulation on and off, there’s a immediate difference in the soundstage as well as being able to distinguish positioning but when used with open back phones and I’ve tried this with my Grados, a pair of Ultrasone Pro s, and some of my Senns , the effect diminishes too much for them to be useful.

What you want to look for are headphones that have depth but not with very wide soundstages which is exactly what open back phones have, very wide soundstages. Another note on decoder boxes such as the JVC DH1 as well as the MixAmp, these units produce line noise, either there’s something in the signal path or it’s due to low end built in amplification. There’s no way to get around this issue and the hissing along with the occasional pop and crackle that they produce particularly towards the lower frequencies is extremely noticeable with higher end phones not a fault of the phones themselves, just the limitation of the source.

The thing about things like the A40 is that though it’s not that great for listening to music on, they are perfectly tuned for gaming and at the same time they provide the practical features needed for gaming. But the question has been “What kind of set up should I go for in the range of the Trittons and the Astros for Dolby Headphone 5.

As an entire package, it’s the one that gives the best overall usability for gaming purposes as well as monetary value. If the question was what gaming headset should a person buy for PC gaming, I would then tell them to get the Razer phones made for PCs with emulated 5.

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It’s said to use power efficiently thanks to a Tracking DownConverter that anticipates large changes in signal level and adjusts the power available for amplification accordingly. The receiver has three wideband component-video inputs, and the stereo Zone 2 output has a separate volume control. The supplied universal learning remote control has an LCD screen and backlit soft keys that change with the selected component. The two-way speaker keeps the distinctive Nautilus tweeter, a 1-inch metal dome mounted in a tapered tube that’s said to reduce backwave radiation to produce more detailed sound.

High-resolution-audio listeners may be interested to know it’s also rated to the unhearable 50 kHz at -6 dB. The x pixel enhanced-definition monitor accepts high-def signals, but can’t display them at full resolution.

ButtKicker transducers accurately reproduce the “feeling” range of many natural and man-made sounds, such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, rocket launches, waves, explosions, tornadoes, volcanoes, dinosaurs, sound effects and all styles of music.

Hello all About 3 months ago i have started experimenting with tactile feedback in sim racing games. During those months, i have searched the internet for some information regarding the Buttkicker Mini LFE tuning and mounting but i could not find any help. I have realised that most people with Buttkickers are in the iRacing forums and i dont feel like renewing my subscription just for viewing the forums. So i have decided to make a thread about buttkickers in order to share, with my bad english, my experience in installing and tuning them and also my early knowledge that i have acquired during these days.

I will be painting text red in the parts that i have some conclusion. I can post some pictures of my rig if people are interested in this thread. My rig is wooden, its the ricmotech RS-1 , with the add-on for the 3 screens. I have bolted a seat from a Honda CRV on it. Since it is wooden, it is really heavy, and from what i have gathered, the vibrations go through the wood much better.

Since the vibrations go through different parts of the rig, for best results you must use rubber isolators in order to avoid lost power. I will get back to that. It is a car amplifier, therefore i am using a 20A V to 12V converter in order to power it. This is mostly because, simvibe’s output is much stronger and sharper than just an audio output, therefore the signal is much stronger.