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The sitcom about a group of science geek friends was a hit from the very first episode, and it made nerds and non-nerds alike fall in love with the adorable personalities of the lead characters. Geeks everywhere cheered when they saw that at last socially-awkward geniuses got the beautiful girl on television, instead of rejection. Throughout the last 10 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, many on-screen and off-screen relationships developed. In a delightful turn of events, the two form an incredible relationship on and off and eventually get married! I know, sadly Bernadette and Howard do not really have a cute baby together and Sheldon and Amy are not really going to get married. However, the actors and actresses real girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives are also pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves- so why not give them a chance? The cast of The Big Bang Theory are of course nothing like socially-awkward nerds in real life, and are actually highly successful and confident human beings and millionaires. So it is no wonder that they have dated some of the most beautiful people. In reality, Johnny has quite the long list of girlfriends.

The cast of The Big Bang Theory in real life

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She is a great scientist with an almost superhuman intellect that uses to create a bounty of useful inventions. But she is also a beautiful girl-woman and provide the Fanservice part of the show. Aikuro’s also a ridiculously over-the-top fanservice machine who can’t keep his damn clothes on.

In real life, Stephen is an extremely successful British comedian and TV star, who co-created shows such as The Office and the hilarious Extras. In , he began dating gorgeous actress Mircea Monroe, who’s known for her role in the Matt LeBlanc comedy, Episodes.

Like most of the other characters on the show, Leonard is a genius and he graduated from Princeton University with a doctorate when he was Leonard and Penny have many ups and downs in their relationship but they eventually tie the knot in season 9. The actor has won a number of awards for his portrayal of Sheldon such as an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor. Galecki has made appearances in other films and shows, however, none have even come close to the success of TBBT.

Jim Parsons — Sheldon Cooper Then Sheldon is another character that we were introduced to in season 1. He works as a theoretical physicist at Caltech and he is best friends with Leonard who is also his roommate. He and Amy have an awkward relationship and have been dating since season 5. Sheldon finally pops the question to her in the finale of season Parsons won an Emmy and Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Sheldon and the character even got a spin-off series.

Leslie is the female version of Leonard and the two even dress similarly. In season one, Leonard feels that Penny is way out of his league so he asks Leslie out instead.

The Real-Life Romances Of The Big Bang Theory Cast

The show has consistently topped the charts as one of the most widely watched comedy series on TV, and for good reason. The hilarious show has become a cult classic in practically no time. Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter Leonard has been an original cast member on the Big Bang Theory since the tremendously successful series first aired in The lovable nerdy genius works as an experimental physicist at Caltech, along with quirky colleague and roommate Sheldon Cooper.

He falls in love with his next-door neighbor, Penny, played by actress Kaley Cuoco, and the two have an on-again-off-again relationship until they eventually marry.

The cast of The Big Bang Theory in real life. By Schlesinger Rebecca Nov 22, ADVERTISEMENT. and when he discovers that Leonard and Leslie are dating, he makes his disgust known. Leslie and Howard have a purely physical relationship, but he develops feelings for her before they call it off. Penny introduces Howard to Bernadette.

Leonard without glasses Leonard full body Dr. Leonard Leakey Hofstadter [1] [2] , Ph. Originally from New Jersey , Leonard attended Princeton University [3] and was twenty-four years old when he received his doctorate with a Dissertation of the Year award for experimental particle physics. Having lived with Sheldon for ten years as of Season 6 , he and Leonard are best friends; however, Leonard can become very agitated by many of his eccentricities and often feels obligated to explain Sheldon’s behavior and serve as a mediator between him and other people in situations — he has been described as the straight man of the series.

While Leonard, along with his geek friends and fellow scientists , is somewhat socially inept, Leonard would like to be better accepted outside of his social group. Leonard is better-adjusted than his companions, being more willing to try different things. He appears to be best suited as a leader of the group, with Sheldon commenting how Leonard is the ” Kirk ” of the group. The writers have toyed with a romance between him and neighbor Penny , with their on-and-off relationship being a major force for drama.

Helens’ erupted and ” The Empire Strikes Back ” came out. Not much is known about his early life. He has two siblings: At age five, Leonard dressed up as The Hulk, using his mother’s make-up and made-up muscles balloon muscles with a bra of his mother’s to stop them sagging; He had dressed up as The Hulk because he was always mad at his mom and he wanted to smash his way out of the house and at age six, he walked in on his mother and father naked; She was swatting his bottom with Leonard’s brand new ping-pong paddle and Leonard thought it was a dream until years later ” The Raiders Minimization “, S7E4.

The Real Life Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ On and Off Set

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Leonard ends up dating Leslie, who is basically a female version of Leonard with a hoodie, black square-framed glasses, in the first season. Leonard was nervous that the pretty blond next door named Penny was out of his league so he tried his hand with Leslie instead.

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However, have you ever wondered what the people behind the characters are actually like in real life? John Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter — Then Leonard is an original cast member, appearing on the show since the airing of the pilot. His character is the best friend and roommate of fellow star, Sheldon Cooper.

Kaley, who plays the blonde bombshell and Leonard’s wife Penny on-screen- has had quite a busy dating life off-screen. One of her earlier boyfriends was an addiction specialist named Josh Resnik.

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Just like his friends, he is a genius in his own right. He even graduated from Princeton Universty, earning his doctorate at only 24 years old. Leonard soon falls for the new girl next door, Penny, and their on again off again relationship makes for some juicy drama. They eventually get married in the 9th season of the show. John Galecki — Now John Galecki sure does clean up well once his nerdy clothes come off after filming.

He had previously acted before The Big Bang Theory but this show blew him out of the water.

Real love vs. scripted love: ‘I just worry that it will conflict with people’s acceptance of Leonard and Penny,’ said Galecki about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Cuoco ‘We dated for almost.

In reality, Johnny has quite the long list of girlfriends. One of his earliest was with on-screen girlfriend Sara Gilbert. The two actually dated for a brief period of time after working together on the show Roseanne. Sara later realized that she is attracted to women and not men.. One of her earlier boyfriends was an addiction specialist named Josh Resnik. The two dated for a year and there were even rumors that the two lovebirds got engaged in October The relationship ended suddenly and Kaley was quick to move on.

Laura was only nineteen at the time and Johnny was twenty. The two met after acting together in the mystery crime film Suicide Kings. At the moment she is single, but still acting in films and TV shows here and there. With her last role as Ester in the series Whole Day Down. They first went public with their relationship after attending a Lakers game together back in March

What the cast of The Big Bang Theory is up to now

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In real life, John was involved in many projects before he landed a starring role on The Big Bang Theory. However, none of them exploded in the same way as Leonard did.

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The Big Bang Theory TV show actors, Before and After they were famous